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Deesha Communications is one of the top PR agencies in Mumbai, India specializing in strategic public relations (PR) services, corporate crisis management, analyst relations, corporate communications, digital marketing & PR, media audit, media relations, branding research to carry out any level of PR campaign  in  India - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Guwahati. Unlike other PR agencies in Mumbai, Deesha Communications always focuses more on strategic approach, marketing intelligence, content strategies and media research while designing any level of PR campaign in India. As one of the Top PR agencies in Mumbai, Deesha PR also offers Marketing PR, Corporate PR, Financial PR, Digital PR, Celebrity PR, sports PR, startup PR based on strategic planning, business intelligence, and a very strong media relations across India.

Today the business world is unanimous that hiring a PR agency is an investment and companies in India are using PR services positively to make strategic communications with its existing and prospective customers, employees, clients, stakeholders, media and everyone they value. An effective and strategic PR agency builds credibility, stands by you as a strategic partner to develop a strong brand image and public relations with precise positioning in the market, triggers sales, helps you to get right talent and gives many other competitive advantages that your business strives for. So choosing a good PR firm that can offer excellent strategic PR services and consultancies based on solid business intelligence, strategic approach and a very strong media relations is very critical, as it would design and carry out strategic PR campaign for you to help you achieve your organisational goal giving you the best ROI for your company.

We are a knowledge based one of the top strategic PR firms in Mumbai, with strong agency presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangaluru, Kolkata and Guwahati, specialising in strategic PR consultancies in India and believe that a good PR firm should be servicing clients as well as the media with respect to the Performance Recognition. As one of the leading PR agencies in India, we make business chronicles establishing a "why you" principle that attracts media reaching your customers and partners across India.

When other PR agencies in Mumbai are fully occupied in managing press releases, we,  at Deesha PR, brainstorm in 80% of our PR consultancy hours to manufacture a brand essence at policy level for our clients and rest of the time for strategic media communications and other PR initiatives so that the right and strategic message goes to the right people through the right media beating your competitors and yielding maximum ROI for your organization.
If you are planning to hire a PR agency in India, please contact us with your marketing requirements and details of your PR requirements. Deesha Communications with its rich experience and strong marketing intelligence works with high level of commitment and accountability offering immense value and a strong marketing force in any level of strategic marketing campaign across India.
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